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using google, searching for things, clicking on ads is actually slowing. >> is this just the law of big numbers, though? >> well, i mean, google is doing $50 billion a quarter in revenue and is kind of hitting this sort of inflection point, slowing growth. apple hit that same inflection point at $150 billion in growth. so to a certain extent, it is a -- a law of large numbers. but the thing is, this is a tech company. and i think this is an overall problem for tech is that growth in tech is slowing. as tech becomes a bigger part of the economy, it's not growing as fast as it used to. jordan's take -- and, you know, i asked him what to watch for. his take was that as a -- becomes a mobile search more than a -- i guess a search p.c., that it's only, what, 20% now. cheaper mobile. once you get to the point where mobile becomes a bigger part, that then it can start growing again. what -- did it hit that inflection point yet where mobile has become bigger enough to start adding to growth? >> if you go back, actually, like two years ago, growth had slowed. it was in the high teens, 18%, 19%.
. >> netflix, we use this. you can get old episodes of law through your playstation. >> you can have it put right into your television. >> see, video streaming service posting a profit of 15 krevents a share. my blackberry makes a sound every time i get a message. >> are you kidding? >> every time it buzzes, it's either itunes or netflix i've bought something. now, who is doing that? >> i would assume the kids are doing that. >> like every minute. it's like, oh. >> you know that sounds will annoy you. >> that's okay. can you -- >> does it bother you? >> no. i feel good. i feel like i'm -- >> i'm going to send you e-mails. >> i feel like i'm involved. did you see what facebook causes in people? >> what? >> loneliness, envy, jealousy, depression. here they are sitting in their dpred depressing basement and they're seeing these people doing these -- the lives they're lead sg like, my life is horrible. did you see that? facebook makes you depressed. >> it doesn't surprise me. especially when people are checking in on people that they're not friends with any more. >> right. >> it's like, look at
-- >> it just is the law. i don't know what's. when it gets overloved and is people have been recommending -- remember on the way up people were saying, i don't like apple, i don't like google. i'm doing a spread because microsoft pays the dividend. the dividend is 3.3%. that's the kind of problem i think that these tech stocks grow to the sky. people think it's a tree and it's going to grow like jack and the bean stock. still, how many times -- microsoft shares, $27. it's just has been there for so long. let's look at at&t. i don't know what that means for am. did you see the final straights yesterday in apple? >> though. >> like down 65, i think. i don't know. down around $450. and who knows what -- now, you read the commentary. >> there it is. netflix shares are worth more than apple the. >> what? >> i don't know. it says that company is going to be worth more. >> wow. >> no idea. this is you, you talking. >> at&t also out with its earnings yesterday. came in the fourth quarter loss. but when you exclude the items related to pension costs and to super storm sandy, the telecoms are only
to say that this is just an extension of existing law, making it apply to new technology. there was a case, his pan igs united of buffalo, a nonprofit social services provider where a caseworker threatened to complain to the boss that others, other employees weren't working hard enough. one worker, mariana cole rivera posted a facebook message saying my fellow coworkers, how do you feel? four other people came back with sometimes angry, expletive laden responses. what the hell, we don't have a life as is. try to do my job, those five workers were fired. for posting those things, and the nlrb said that that is not okay. that this is free speech, they're allowed to vent, as they called it, and it's okay, and they had to be reinstated with their positions. now there were some other situations where the board said this is not free speech. they cracked down where a newspaper reporter, a homicide reporter at the arizona daily star in tucson posted some things saying, what? no overnight homicides? you're slacking, tucson. and another began by saying, you stay homicidal, tucson.
't there lawfully then they can't enter lawful orders or rules. so it appears to me that you could probably have an attack against all of them in total. >> but while it's going to be probably appealed i wonder if you have any idea how long that takes? and in the meantime, i mean cordray is only there till the end of the year anyway. and there are some people that think that maybe republicans come back now and say, look we'll give him a normal -- we'll vote on him and we'll let him become the -- you know we'll put him in this position if he changes some of the things we want changed in the charter of the pb or cpmb. are people talking about doing that? >> no, you know our position was reasonable from the start we just wanted to sit down with the president or whoever and try to work out some problems with this new federal agency, and so we'll see. i don't know how the white house will react to this. >> but i wonder, when they come out with -- they've got all these things they're going to do. hundreds of things, every single one that they try to enforce, do people go, i'm not going to -- i'm not go
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5

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